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Discovering the Art of Healing: The Power of Spinal Energetics

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Spinal energetics is a healing modality developed by Dr. Sarah Jane. It is a unique approach to nervous system care that focuses on the relationship between the spine and one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by accessing the energetic field. It is rooted in ancient wisdom and holistic health practices. It focuses on the physical and energetic aspects of the spine and nervous system, treating it as a central pathway for the flow of life force energy. This energy is responsible for maintaining balance, health, and vitality within the body.

The spine, often considered the body's energetic backbone, is a central highway for this life force energy. Proper energy flow through the spine is believed to be essential for maintaining health, harmony, and well-being. These practices stem from ancient wisdom but have gained recognition and popularity in the modern wellness and holistic health movements.

A skilled Spinal Energetics practitioner begins by examining leg length, assessing spinal tension patterns, and exploring the resonance in the layers of your energetic field. This comprehensive evaluation enables the practitioner to gain insights into the client's current bodily layer and associated processes.

Spinal Energetics reveals six distinct processes (relating to the chakra system) each with unique metaphysical and physical significance, reflecting specific tension patterns. These insights guide the practitioner in tailoring the session for optimal well-being.

Through gentle and precise touches applied to the spine, energetic layers, and energy centers, the body's natural healing response is activated, allowing the release of stored tension patterns. These activations, along with therapeutic touch and sound, aid in the adaptation and release of tension within your spine and nervous system, stemming from various stressors – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or personal.

This process empowers your inner wisdom to independently transform these patterns, fostering improved communication between your brain, body, and spirit for a more harmonious, balanced state of being.

Over a series of Spinal Energetics sessions, the body gradually forms new optimal patterns. These patterns equip the individual with new strategies to cope with stress and tension effectively. Over time, the client's body will move spontaneously creating an empowering experience for the client and one that is not solely reliant upon the practitioner leading to improved overall wellness and energy.

Spinal energetics offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking holistic healing and personal growth:

  1. Physical Healing

  2. Emotional Balance

  3. Stress Reduction

  4. Trauma Release

  5. Tension Release

  6. Enhanced Vitality

  7. Spiritual Growth

Each person's Spinal Energetics journey is personal and distinctive. Every session offers a unique understanding for the client, much like the varied experiences in meditation or yoga classes. No two encounters are the same.

There's no superior session in Spinal Energetics; the essence of the energetic transmission remains consistent. Whatever a client experiences during a session is precisely what they need at that particular moment. Some people will experience states of happiness, joy, deep relaxation, and bliss while others may experience cathartic releases of past trauma and pain such as shaking or trembling. Some feel the need to move or stretch and make sounds to release emotions.

Spinal energetics is a powerful and holistic healing modality that offers a unique approach to well-being. By focusing on the spine's energetic aspects, it addresses not only physical health but also emotional and spiritual harmony. Whether you're new to this concept or have already embarked on a journey of holistic health, incorporating spinal energetics into your life can bring transformative healing and a renewed sense of vitality and balance.

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