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Intuitive Rebirth

Powerful Shamanic Energy Work

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 188 Australian dollars
  • Mercedes Close

Let me tell you more about the modality

Do you feel stuck in life or unable to move forward? Are you searching for greater meaning and purpose? Do you want to let go of old hurts or limiting beliefs? Are you longing for spiritual awakening and transformation? Are you ready to discover more of your authentic self? Are you ready to take the plunge and purge all that does not serve your highest good? Intuitive Rebirth is a powerful healing process that can lead to profound personal transformation. It stems from the ancient practices of shamanism, which involves accessing spiritual realms and channeling energy to heal people on a quantum level. The core premise of shamanic rebirth is the belief that we can metaphorically die and be reborn into a renewed state of being. By shedding negative energetic patterns, limiting beliefs, and harmful thought patterns, we can clear space to reconnect with our most authentic self and spiritual purpose. You will come out of this feeling spiritually empowered, transformed, and more connected to self, and others, and a sense of purpose after going through the rebirth process. However, the depth of healing depends on the participant's openness to doing the personal work involved in the session. You will be guided to use your voice as a sacred healing tool to release all that no longer serves you. Morgan will channel from Great Spirit what energies need to be released and where these energies are being held in the body. She will also channel the new energy/archetype that is to be called forth for the rebirth. This session involves using your voice, drums, rattles, chanting, energy healing, and light language to alter your state of consciousness. You will be led through a shamanic journey of "Death" and "Rebirth". The goal is to clear away blocked energies and integrate the renewed sense of self that emerges. Through profound healing on a mental, emotional, and soul level your true nature is awakened. Morgan's 1:1 session provides an opportunity for profound life changes. If you feel called to align with your deepest truth, this opening invites you to take a quantum leap forward. Book an Intuitive Rebirth session to reconnect with your inner power today! In-person and online sessions are available.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment due upon booking. Cancellation of booking will result in full payment unless 24 hour notice is given. If a date doesn't work I'm happy to book you in for another time :)

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