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Forest Path

Welcome to Mystic Medicine,
a sacred space for true healing!

Hello, my name is Morgan, and I am a somatic energy worker and HSP/Empath. My purpose and passion is to help others remember their innate ability to heal.


Within each of us lies an incredible self-healing intelligence, a blueprint for vibrant health and wellbeing, the same intelligence that created the entire universe. However, we often carry energetic imprints of past traumas, stresses and pain that create blockages and resistance within our bodies.

For years, I suffered from crippling anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, PMDD, burnout, and addictions. My mind and body were a tangled knot of stored traumas and mental loops that conventional paths provided little relief from.

Through an exploration of ancient, and modern modalities, I began to peel back the layers and liberate myself from past imprints. As the barriers dissolved, I experienced profound shifts as my body's innate ability to heal awakened and everything that had once crippled me simply fell away.

I believe that our bodies are constantly communicating what needs to be healed and liberated. Which is why I offer you the very same modalities that helped me reclaim my health, power and vitality.

I am dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing space for you to explore your inner landscape and unlock your fullest potential. I invite you to explore the offerings below or book a free discovery call if you aren't sure where to start.


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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -- Nikola Tesla.

Intuitive Rebirth is a powerful and transformative shamanic energy-work method where a person metaphorically "dies" and is reborn into a renewed state of being. By shedding negative energetic patterns, limiting beliefs, and harmful thought patterns, we can clear space to reconnect with our most authentic self and spiritual purpose.

Intuitive Rebirth is a process of shedding limitations, pains and traumas whilst calling in an energy/archetype that realigns your body, mind and soul to reawaken dormant parts of your being.

Book a free discovery call with Morgan if you aren't sure where to start and want to discuss in more detail the modalities on offer, or which direction of healing to take for your unique needs and goals.

The Rite of the Womb is a profound shamanic womb healing ceremony. This rite facilitates your own healing of pain and suffering but also extends this healing to seven generations in both your ancestral past and future. Through this transformative ceremony you can regain your personal power, heal reproductive issues, unlock deep pleasure, awaken your creativity, and liberate yourself from suffering.

Spinal Energetics is potent modality that effectively releases pain, tension, stress and trauma stored within your body and nervous system. This practice involves working with a person's spine, nervous system, and energetic field to awaken the innate intelligence within you to facilitate self-healing. It is a great modality to regulate the nervous system allowing you to move out of "fight or flight" and into "rest and digest".

Are you seeking a profound spiritual awakening and connection with your higher self and the universe? This 2 hour ceremony is designed to activate your Kundalini Shakti - the divine cosmic energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine.  When awakened, the Kundalini rises up through the chakras, infusing your mind, body, and spirit with incredible vitality, bliss and expanded consciousness.

During this sacred ceremony, you'll be guided through an intuitive rebirth process designed to release energetic blockages and outdated patterns stifling your self-expression. As you let go of what no longer serves you, you'll make space to activate new vibrant frequencies of Light Language. Light Language is a powerful healing modality that you will be able to use on yourself and others throughout your lifetime.




" From my first visit, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and ease in Morgan's presence, something that I hadn't fully experienced with other healers.
The experience is so potent that during the sessions, I found my body involuntarily shaking due to the intensity of the stress and tension release. Unlike anything I've ever encountered, it was an incredibly powerful and transformative experience. "


' Living with Endometriosis for a decade has a been a relentless journey of pain and frustration even after undergoing surgery in 2022. I still felt trapped in a cycle of agony, unable to find relief no matter what medications, diet and exercise I tried. With Morgan's gentle guidance and compassionate care, I embarked on a journey of womb healing. After two sessions, I experienced a pain free period which I hadn't felt in years! It was a moment of pure relief and gratitude. '


" Once I immersed myself into the treatment with Morgan it gave me permission to connect with my own self healing and thus my own future happiness. I will definitely continue with more treatments in the future and look forward to a calmer existence because of it. We spend so much of our lives making sure our family feels safe and secure - do something for yourself and book a healing with Morgan! "


" I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a womb healing session with the warm and genuine Morgan.  It was truly an unforgettable experience. From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of comfort and ease in her presence. She radiates a welcoming energy that immediately put me at ease and made me feel connected to her. By the end of the session, I felt lighter, more grounded, and more connected to myself and my own inner wisdom."

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