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Are We A Good
Fit To Work Together?


Please read through the list below, if you resonate with this list then we will be perfect to work with each other.

  • You have a strong belief in energy medicine to facilitate healing.

  • You are actively engaged in seeking holistic and alternative healing methods, demonstrating a willingness to explore approaches that consider both the physical and energetic dimensions of well-being.

  • You acknowledge the profound connection between the body's energy systems and overall health.

  • You recognise the link between emotional well-being and physical health, and you are in search of approaches that address and harmonize both aspects.

  • You are focused on maintaining your body's energetic equilibrium and overall wellness as a preventive measure against health issues.

  • You possess a curiosity for discovering new and innovative healing modalities that go beyond conventional medical practices.

  • You are interested in chakra healing and alignment, recognizing the importance of energy centers in your well-being.

  • You understand that profound healing requires a release on an energetic and cellular level.

  • You engage in practices like yoga, meditation, breathwork, and sound healing as part of your wellness routine.

  • You are aware that tension, stress, pain, and trauma can be stored within your nervous system and body at a cellular level.

  • You have either experienced or heard about Kundalini Awakening Process, demonstrating an openness to transformative experiences.

  • You are deeply committed to your personal healing journey.

  • You possess a heightened sensitivity, allowing you to intuitively recognise when your body is holding onto stress, pain, and trauma.

  • You are eager to explore a deeper connection between your body and spirituality, seeking a holistic approach to well-being.

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