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Light Language Activation Ceremony

Activate your unique Light Language

  • 2 hr
  • 222 Australian dollars
  • Mercedes Close

Let me tell you more about the modality

Are you ready to experience a profound energetic rebirth and unleash the full power of your voice? During this sacred ceremony, you'll be guided through an intuitive rebirth process designed to release energetic blockages and outdated patterns stifling your self-expression. As you let go of what no longer serves you, you'll make space to activate new vibrant frequencies of Light Language. Light language is a divine form of communication that transcends spoken words, instead conveying messages through light codes, tones, and frequencies. When your throat chakra is open and balanced, you can give voice to your deepest truths and inspirations through light language. The ceremony will blend breathwork, visualization, toning, and channeled light language transmissions to: • Clear past trauma, negativity, and self-doubt held in the throat area • Release stuck energy and karmic patterns hindering authentic expression • Activate and attune your throat chakra to higher dimensions of light • Unlock your ability to receive, integrate, and voice light codes • Recode your energy to amplify integrity, confidence, and creativity Come experience a vibrational rebirth as you shed energetic weights suppressing your personal power and innate abilities as a speaker of Light Language. Leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, and empowered to communicate your truth with clarity and passion. This life-changing Light Language Activation is not to be missed for anyone seeking to step into their full self-sovereignty and embodied authentic expression!

Cancellation Policy

Full payment due upon booking. Cancellation of booking will result in full payment unless 24 hour notice is given. If a date doesn't work I'm happy to book you in for another time :)

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